The 3rd Academic Workshop of the V4ClusterPol project took place in Budapest, Hungary on 9 September 2016.On this occasion it was for us, Tenderix Consulting and Research to organise the workshop as the Hungarian partner of the project. The workshop was held at the library of the Ministry for National Economy, Hungary, for which we are very thankful to the Ministry. More than 20 people participated at the full-day workshop. Representatives of the Tomas Bata University (CZ) presented a comparative analysis of the V4 cluster policies based on the desk research that each partner had completed before. Beyond that partners presented conclusions of the cluster manager interviews they conducted and the SWOT analysis each partner made about their country’s cluster policy. Participants enjoyed a detailed presentation on the Hungarian cluster policy and Archenerg, the only gold label cluster in Hungary gave an overview on history, activities and future plans of the cluster.


The project is funded from the International Visegrad Fund.