The V4ClusterPol project has arrived to its final events in December 2016 in Prague at the premises of CzechInvest. On 7 December 2016, the four project partners, including Tenderix held their last academic workshop meeting at which they shared their conclusions and recommendations on cluster development targeted to policy makers. Using the partner-level recommendations we pursued to coin joint recommendations for our national and regional level policy makers. On 8 December, the final conference took place with more than 40 participants. Ministry officials and representatives of cluster unions and associations accepted the invitation for the event that ran in excellent atmosphere. From Hungary, two representatives of the Ministry for National Economy took part in the conference. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for partners to present their year-long work in the project and share their recommendations for policy makers. At the project’s website presentations from the event can be downloaded and the final report will be available here soon. We, at Tenderix, are grateful for having the opportunity to work in this project and look forward to future cooperation with our esteemed partners.


The project is funded from the International Visegrad Fund.